Child arrives sick at the hospital, but just before passing away, he draws strength and makes a terrible confession to the doctors.

However, before losing his life, the boy managed to draw strength from the depths of his being and made a creepy confession to the medical team that was in that place. Upon hearing what he said, they put the authorities on alert, who immediately uncovered a worse case than the child had said.

The adolescent of 14 years, said that since he was eight years old, it was put under all type of humiliations on the part of the sentimental partner of his grandmother and was infected with the HIV / AIDS virus, the disease that finally killed him . According to the authorities, the disease – which was detected in the terminal stage – was transmitted by the alleged abuser, with whom he shared a home in Ciudad Bolívar. The worst is that the other two little brothers, are also infected with HIV.

The deteriorated state of health of the minor, who then died, forced him to be transferred to the Meissen Hospital, where medical personnel detected the disease. HERE THE VIDEO (Activate the subtitles / closed captions in youtube)